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The better 3PL Fulfillment Experience for you and your customers 


Arc Sentry prides itself on engineering streamlined logistics solutions specific to each customer. We serve clients that reach their customers via Ecommerce, D2C, B2B, FBA channels and clients needing bonded storage including alcohol. 

Our multi-nodal model is built on a consultative approach that has helped our customers increase order velocity, improve order accuracy to 99.999% or better and achieve Dock-to-Stock availability within 6 hours of receipt.   

We enhance cost efficiencies, optimize service levels and most importantly drive end-customer satisfaction.

At Arc Sentry, we have a proven track record of growing with our clients as their business grows.

We have successfully served the market since 2015 with innovative and efficient 3PL services, pick and pack, pallet in/out, kitting, long and short term storage, reverse logistics, Amazon FBA, EDI, inspection, consulting and more. Contact us today to discuss your business and goals.





 Order accuracy rate

Orders Shipped

Happy Packages Shipped on time

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Our Guarantee!


 Orders received by cutoff will:

  • Be ready to ship same day

  • Ship with 100% order accuracy

 Or the order processing is on us!

 It's that simple.

How Arc Sentry handles your inventory from receiving dock to your customer’s door.

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1. Systems connected

Real time inventory, transmit your Purchases and your Customer Orders.

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2. Your inventory is delivered

Ocean container, Truck or Parcel.  We count it, stock it and confirm it to you.

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3. We store your inventory

We store your palletized goods in stock, pick them and prep them for your orders!

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4. Customer Orders processed

Connect your E-commerce site and we will process your orders for pick up by FedEx, UPS, DHL, truck and courier.

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5. Leverage shipping options 

We offer integrated shipping options with select partners including same day expedited courier service in certain markets.

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6. Enjoy 99.99% inventory 

Real time inventory via integration direct to your online store!



 Robust integrations make order management a piece of cake.

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Fulfillment platform



Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) ensures accuracy, timeliness and automations that save our customers money every day.

  • Bar Code Driven

  • Automated email option confirming shipment info.

  • Real time integration and transparency

  • Customer portal available on request.

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So many different ways to sell


Highly automated or manual, Arc Sentry will fill all your customer's orders cost effectively, on-time and accurately. 


Sell via multi channels:

1. Your E-Commerce website

2. Online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Shopify and more.

3. B2B platforms.

Everyone has different needs.  Just let us know how we can partner with your business, so we can grow together.

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